YouTube's Best videos for Counting Numbers

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Check out these YouTube videos that teach children how to count numbers.
Why are these videos considered the top Youtube videos on counting numbers?
They have massive amounts of views, they are cute and fun, and Google ranks them high in their search engine. Take a look at the best number videos found on YouTube.

The Numbers Song-Count from 1-10

This video has over 60 million views. Why so many views? It is fun, creative, and children love this video.

Big Numbers Song

Everyone loves a good song. The number song in this video is addicting. It is fun, creative, and is great at teaching children how to count.

Numbers, Counting, and Colors for Children.

This video is wildly popular. It has over 300 million views. It is a simple video involving skittles and counting, but children just love this numbers video. Yes, 300 million views!!!

Numbers Song 1 to 50 | Learn Counting Numbers | 3D Nursery Rhymes For Kids | 123 Song

This video features really cute dancing cows and numbers. It has a really catchy song, and makes you wanna get up and dance when you are counting.

Bob the Train Learns to Count

This video by Kids TV teaches numbers and how to count by havingBob the train go on a journey and count items on his journey. Children will love counting with Bob the train.

ChuChu TV Numbers Song 

This high energy numbers song is really fun. The song is great and the numbers dance, slide down a waterslide and many other activities. Children love this video and have watched it 136 million times.

Powerpuff Girls and Counting Numbers

The Powerpuff girls are here to help us count. This is a fairly recent video in this very competitive video space, but I feel this Math video on how to count is going to get millions of views. See what you think.

MooMooMath creates a new "Best or Top YouTube Video" post every day. You can see my complete list here.


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