Best 7 Insect Videos found on the Internet

Friday, January 27, 2017
The Best 7 Videos found on the Internet

Insects may be scary, or annoying, but they are very important for life on Earth.
Enjoy these " Best of" insect videos found on YouTube.

Best of Insect Videos

Most Bizarre Insects

This insect video serves up some really bizarre insects. For example, one insect hisses in order to keep predators away.

9 Deadliest Insects

This video covers the deadliest insects on Earth. A bite from one of these insects may be your last.

Top 10 Most Annoying Insects

Although insects can be helpful in many ways, they can also be very annoying. This video covers several insects like the flea that are very annoying. If you have ever tried to sleep outside with insects all around you will appreciate this video.

The 9 Most Painful and Deadliest Insect Bites

This insect video covers insects that bite, sting, and even burrow into a human. These insects can inflict great pain or disease. I think you will find it fascinating.

10 Cutest and Most Colourful Insects On Earth - SlappedHamTV

This video doesn't focus on the scariest or most annoying but instead covers the most colorful and beautiful insects found in nature.
An insect beautiful?

15 Weird Insects

This video by Danger Dolan is not only interesting but is also really funny. Insects are weird enough, but this video finds insects that takes weird to a new level.

Should We All Be Eating Insects?

This insect video by ASAP Science covers eating insects. This video attempts to answer the question, " should we eat bugs? "
Would you eat a bug?

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