Best Human Body Videos found on YouTube

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Top Science Human Body Videos 

Here is my list of the top videos on the "Human Body" located on YouTube. There are some great human body videos that can help in school and are just fun to watch.

101 Human Body Facts

This video is produced by 101 Facts. They make really interesting videos with lots of pictures and film clips. This video is fun and educational. For instance, did you know we all have a unique tongue print?

Let's Learn the Human Body

This is a good human body designed to teach younger children about the human body. It is a cartoon and very well done. It has bright colors, fun music, and is helpful information. Younger children will really enjoy the human body video.

Why your body is Amazing-ASAP Science

I learn something new every time I watch an ASAP Science video. They find the most interesting facts about the topics they cover. In the human body video, I learned that only certain cells have been with me my entire life.

The Incredible Human Machine

 I have shown this video in my Science class for the last couple of years. It covers the skeleton and muscular system and how the two systems work together to make us strong and durable.

Amazing Human Body

This is an amazing human body video. It is over an hour long. It has amazing professional videography, interesting stories, and great facts about our bodies. I give this video a big thumbs up.

10 Weird Facts about the Human Body

As the title states, this video covers ten weird facts about our bodies. For instance, your stomach actually digests itself but has the ability to replace these damaged cells.

Hope you enjoy the top YouTude videos covering the human body.

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