Applying the Distributive Property

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The distributive property is used when you encounter a math problem like,   a( b + c )

You distribute the number or variable on the outside to the first number or variable and then the second number or variable.

Additional Distributive Property Resources

Distributive Property Explained
This page by Khan Academy includes a video along with step by step directions and pictures.

Distributive Property Brainpop
Brainpop is a premium service that provides animated educational videos. This is one of their free resources. The page includes a video, worksheets, and other resources.

Distributive Property Worksheets
This page has several worksheets that cover this important math property. They are all free downloads.

Distributive Property Calculator
Plug in your expression and this calculator will solve it for you.

Distributive Property Math Antics
This resource is a very helpful video produced by Math Antics.  The video is very easy to understand and entertaining.

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