Mnemonic device example-Learning the major organs

Friday, December 23, 2016

In this video, I would like to demonstrate how to memorize the major organs using a mnemonic device. There are over 70 organs in our body so I choose ten that I consider the major organs.
The 10 I choose are,
Skin (epidermis), brain,liver,lungs,heart,kidneys,bladder,stomach,spleen, and intestines (small and large)
The mnemonic device I will show you is using your body as trigger points to help you remember the items you are memorizing.

I use ten locations on the body and associate the object I’m learning with these 10 locations.
The 10 locations are the top of your head, your eyes, nose, ears, mouth, chin, shoulders, throat, chest, stomach.
For each location, you will associate something about the organ with this location.
I think you will understand as I work through an example.
Starting with my skin which protects and covers us I think of a bald spot on my head.
Next are my eyes and they say you see with your brain, and it controls your body.
The liver is red and I think of someone with a red nose like the color of the liver. I also associate the red color with caution and the liver is so important because it produces bile, stores nutrients, and manufactures hormones you would quickly die without your liver.
I associate your mouth with the heart by opening and shutting the mouth like the heart which pumps blood all day and night.
Your kidneys are shaped like beans and filter our blood to produce urine. I think of someone who has spilled bean soup on their chin.
The bladder is a storage container so I imagine two storage containers on my shoulders for the bladder.
Your stomach is a site of digestion and I imagine food passing down my throat. I could even add that the food gets stuck in my throat to help me remember.
Your spleen helps filter your blood so I think of an oil filter on my chest
Finally, your intestines absorb nutrients from your food and I rub my stomach because this is close to their location.

This type of memorization works well and you can use the same body locations each time so that you have a hook to help your brain remember the item. The more outlandish the scenario the better.


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