What is a Polygon?

Monday, November 7, 2016

In this animated video I would like to talk about Polygons

Polygons are 2-dimensional closed shapes.

A closed shape does not have any openings, and all of the lines connect.

You can’t leave the inside of a closed shape without crossing a line.

Polygons have straight lines and do not have curves

A polygon has three parts.

Straight Lines

Vertices which are the point at which the lines intercept

Angles are formed by intercepting lines

There are several types of polygons

A regular polygon has equal lines and angles

An irregular does not have equals lines and angles

A concave polygon has one angle greater than 180 degrees

A convex polygon does not have any internal angles greater than 180 degrees

A simple polygon does not have any lines that cross over.

A complex polygon has at least one line that crosses over itself

Polygon names

Named after the number of sides and angles

Triangle 3 sides


Pentagon 5

Hexagon 6

Heptagon 7

Octagon 8

Nonagon 9

Decagon 10

Hendecagon 11

Dodecagon 12

After 12 sides it is acceptable to give the number of sides and then gon

For example 14 gon has 14 sides

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