How a histogram is different than a bar chart?

Friday, November 11, 2016

How a histogram different than a bar chart?

A histogram, and a bar chart are both techniques for graphing data.
They both have an x and y axis, and both use a bar to display the data.
 A histogram has categories that are numerical.
For example, notice on this histogram the x axis is the age of people in the room. The ages are grouped in a numerical range.
A histogram would be used for graphing the score on a test,and the number of people who scored in each range because it is numerical data.
Another difference between a bar graph, and histogram is that the bars of a histogram touch.

A bar graph uses categories such as types of movies, color of eyes, and the bars do not touch.
For example, in this bar graph the categories are grade level and the number of students in each grade level.
Notice that the bars do not touch
In another example, the categories are types of videos, and the number of videos in each type.
Again, the bars do not touch.
In summary, histograms have bars that touch and use quantities.
A bar graph have bars that don't touch and use categorical data.


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