Fun Human body Facts

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fun Human Body Facts

1. Nine out of ten cells in our body are not human cells. The bulk of our cells are virus cells, bacteria cells, or other microorganisms.

2. The reason we are still alive is that the majority of these cells mentioned in fact number 1, support our health and help keep us alive. In biology, you would define our symbiotic relationship as mutualistic. 

3. You share more germs, viruses, or microorganisms shaking hands than kissing.

4. Your hands are in contact with many more surfaces and have a greater surface area for these microbes to enjoy.

4. Only 97% of your DNA is noncoding, which means only 3% of your DNA is actually genes. However, this noncoding DNA is still very helpful for turning on and off the genes.

5. Cells in your body are constantly being replaced due to cell death. Most cells do not last your entire lifetime. In fact, skin cells only last two or three weeks. Because cells die, your body must replace them constantly.

6. Most of the dust in your house is dead skin. You shed around 35 pounds of skin in your lifetime. 

7. Your white blood cells only make up 1% of your total blood volume. Your white blood cells are very important because they fight pathogens, but an equally important job of your skin to carry oxygen throughout your body.

8. Most people will produce enough saliva in their life to fill two swimming pools.

9. The surface area of your lungs is roughly the same surface area of a tennis court.

10. Your nerves send a signal throughout your body at over 200 miles an hour.

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