Examples of mimicry

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mimicry is when a plant or animal resembles another organism or inanimate item, to acquire an advantage or even to stay alive.

A few plants or animals employ a technique known mimicry, that involves hiding or appearing as another organism.  Some might appear to be even more threatening. Looking more closely at a few of the examples  of mimicry can provide us a clear insight into the fascinating process regarding mimicry.

Some interesting examples of mimicry include,

  • The mimic octopus. This octopus can take the shape, and color of many objects in its surroundings.
  • The kingsnake has stripes on it’s body that make it look like the highly dangerous coral snake.
  • The pygmy owl has coloration on the back of it’s head that makes it look the same in the back of it's head as the front of it's head.
  • The fork tailed Drongo is a bird with a fascinating ability. It can mimic the security alarm sign of several animals. It sounds the fake security alarm, and then flies down and steals food from the animals that are frightened off.

Mimicry is merely one among many different techniques plants and animals use to help them stay alive, and reproduce.


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