Cytoskeleton in plain language

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The cytoskeleton is very similar to our own skeleton. The skeleton system helps give us support and helps with movement, and the cytoskeleton plays the same role in a cell.
The cytoskeleton is not located at one location in the cell but instead is found everywhere in the cell.
The cytoskeleton is made up of three types of fibers composed of protein.

  • Microtubules are the largest in diameter and are filaments made of tubulin. Microtubules help create the spindle fibers which attach to the centromeres during mitotic division.along with creating the flagella, and cilia that some cells use for propulsion.
  • Intermediate filaments are the second largest filaments and are constructed of strong fibrous protein.
  • Microfilaments are fibers made of actin and have the smallest size of the fibers that make up the cytoskeleton.

The cytoskeleton has many key functions for the cell.

  • It helps create the shape of the cell.
  • The cytoskeleton helps with cell movement inside and outside of a cell.
  • It is also a highway of fibers that proteins use to move organelles and proteins around the cell.
  • The cytoskeleton helps to hold many of the organelles in place.
  • Finally, the protein fibers of the cytoskeleton add strength to the cell.
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