10 Weird Strange Animals

Friday, November 25, 2016

10 Weird and Strange Animals

The Zombie Snail 
This is an animal right from the walking dead. Parasites invade the tentacle of this snail and cause it to pulse with bright colors. The snail has no control over the tentacles once the parasites invade the snail. The pulsing tentacles attract birds that feed on the snail, and the parasite then lives in the bird

Goblin Shark 
This is a strange looking shark that lives deep in the ocean. This strange shark has the capacity to dislocate its jaw and thrust it towards its prey and reattach the jaw.

Nudibranch Sea Slug
This slug gets its colors and even toxins from the meals it eats. It would be similar to you eating carrots,absorbing the orange color,and then you turning orange after ingesting the carrots.

Dumbo Octopus
This octopus lays eggs and will survive at depths as deep as 13,000 feet.

Saddleback Caterpillar
This caterpillar looks very strange and may sting and inflict an agonizing sting

This primate found in the Philippines is the world's smallest primate. This little creature is nocturnal and feeds on insects and tiny lizards. This tiny primate is also incredibly nimble in trees

Cape Rain Frog
This frog looks like a rock This circular frog of South Africa will remain in a good burrow for months to in order to avoid the heat.

Komodo Dragon 
These huge lizards will cannibalize other Komodo Dragons and may inject venom.

The cephalopods have an amazing capability to camouflage. They can change colors in an to match their environment in an instant. Cuttlefish work with pigmented and elastic sacs known as chromatophores, to display these change in colors.

This is a mammal that loves the water They possess many of the same traits as whales. They possess a strange behavior. They fling their feces with their tail.

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