Chloroplasts-Plain and Simple- plus song

Friday, October 7, 2016

In this video I would like to talk about chloroplasts

Chloroplasts are green organelles found in plants and some protists like the Euglena.

They help these organisms by converting sunlight into chemical energy.

Take a look at these chloroplasts moving inside this plant cell.

Chloroplasts are important to cells because they are the sight of photosynthesis.

Chloroplasts get green color from chlroplhyll which helps change sunlight to chemical energy.

A chloroplast takes carbon dioxide and water add sunlight and makes sugar and oxygen which is released.

Let's end with a chloroplast song.

Let's get started with the photoynthetic

The sun hits the chloroplasts,remember them?

Stuffed with chlorophyl now let's talk about them.

We owe it all to the mean green pigment

absorbing all the sunlight,that's being sent

Carbon Dioxide and H2O

mix with light energy to make a crazy combo

water in the cytoplasm chills for a few

then hydrogen and oxygen split into two.

The atoms recombine to make c6H12O6

a sugar called glucose you simply need to know this.

The result is important to you and to me

Oxygen releases from the plants and the trees.

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