Why is osmosis important ?

Friday, September 30, 2016

Why is osmosis important?

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In this video I would like to talk about why osmosis is important.

Osmosis is when particles diffuse over a semi-permeable membrane. It is involved in the movement of water into and out of a cell.

Osmosis is important to living organisms for several reasons.

First, it helps cells move important materials into and out the cell.

Important nutrients and waster dissolved in the water move in and out of the cell through osmosis.

Plants absorb water through its roots and move the water through out by osmosis.

Osmosis helps the stomata in plants open and close.

Osmosis helps us sweat and regulate our temperature.

Fish that live in fish water don't have to drink because the water flows into the fish due to osmosis.

Osmosis is very important to the kidneys and helps them work properly and produce urine and get rid of harmful wastes in our body.

Osmosis is very important for life.

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MooMooMath and Science uploads a new Math and Science video everyday

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