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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Which three elements make up all carbohydrates?

All carbohydrates are made of oxygen,carbon,and hydrogen.

All those yummy sugars are made up of these three elements.

What is the most abundant protein in our hair?

Our hair is composed mainly of the protein keratin.

In fact keratin makes up 60 to 85 % of our hair.

Lately scientists have begun understand you can use this protein to identify people

What is the most abundant protein in our body?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. It is used in our skin,ligaments, and tendons.

It is found in all animals.

Do all fish have scales. No In fact the hagfish has a slimy mucus covering it's body and no scales.

The lamprey has a skin like covering.

What is the largest living structure in the world?

The great barrier reef off the coast of Austria is the largest living structure. It is composed of small polyps.

It has been in the news lately because it is beginning to die off.

Have aliens visited earth?

No this is just a picture of a dust mite magnified using an electron microscope.

An electron microscope uses electronsto magnify, and can magnify up to 2 million times.

What is this insect trying to say to you

It is saying, " with it's yellow or warning coloration it is saying to stay way or I will bite,sting, or harm you if you come to close."

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