Decomposers vs Scavengers

Saturday, August 20, 2016
Scavengers vs Decomposers

How is a scavenger different than a decomposer?
Both scavengers and decomposers are important for ecosystems. They both help recycle dead and decaying matter back into an ecosystem.
We would be covered up with dead stuff if we didn’t have scavengers and decomposers.

Many scavengers are animals. Common examples would be hyenas,vultures, and condors beetles and raccoons..
Some decomposers like fungi,bacteria are much smaller or even single cell organisms.

Scavengers break decaying animals into pieces that they ingest. Scavengers are the animals with scavenging habits. Scavengers’ role is vital for the ecosystem as they contribute to the decomposition, while decomposers are responsible for completing the process.
Decomposers break down the decaying organism on the molecular level and release new molecules like nitrogen into the atmosphere.

Several decomposers are used to make food like yogurt and sourdough bread.

Although decomposers and scavengers may be thought of as smelly, disgusting organisms, they play a very important role in keeping our world happy.

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