Math Definitions- Angle Definitions

Saturday, May 14, 2016
In this video I define,

  • Angle of depression,
  • Angle of elevation,
  • Angle bisector,
  • Right angle

Angles of Depression
Angles of Depression are angles below the horizontal, imagine looking from ground level into a deep  canyon.
The angle that an observer would lower his or her line of sight below a horizontal line in order to see an object is the angle of depression.
The angle of depression involves 4 items.
Observers eyes,the horizontal ,line of sight, and the object.

Angles of Elevation
Angles of elevation are angles above the horizontal, imagine looking up from ground level toward the top of a mountain.
The angle that an observer would raise his or her line of sight above a horizontal line in order to see an object is the angle of elevation
Angle of elevation involves 4 things, the object, the horizontal, line of sight, and the observers eyes.

Angle Bisector
An angle bisector is a line or ray that divides an angle in half
The bisector divides the larger angle into two smaller equal angles
The angle bisector of a polygon will intersect an interior angle

Right Angle
A right angle is an angle that measures exactly 90 degrees
Examples of right angles include the corners of squares, the angle in a right triangle, and perpendicular lines create right angles.

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