Top 8 Videos on " How to Factor a Trinomial"

Saturday, March 26, 2016
Learning how to factor a Trinomial Quadratic Equations is an essential skill you need to master in order to advance in Algebra. Fortunately, there are hundreds of videos on YouTube that cover this topic. I spend a lot of time on YouTube watching Math videos, and here is my list of the Top 8 videos covering " How to Factor a Trinomial." One factor I take into account is how YouTube viewers rate the video. Look for the " The People Vote" and the thumbs up and thumbs down count.

How to Solve Quadratic Equations By Factoring

Nancy is a pro. She knows her Math and has a gift of explaining difficult Math subjects. The video provides step by step instructions for solving a trinomial equation using factoring.

The People Vote    Thumbs Up  12489  Thumbs Down  273

 How to Factor a Quadratic Equation When a is not 1

The video quality is not the greatest, but the teacher does a great job explaining how to factor a quadratic equation such as 2x^2 + 3x -9 in which the led coefficient is greater than 1. For some reason, YouTube's algorithm doesn't feature this video when searching for factoring, but I find it really helpful.

The People Vote   Thumbs Up 580  Thumbs Down 23

Factoring a Trinomial

Mathmeeting is a popular Math Youtube channel. The reason his channel is popular is because he is a talented Math teacher. This video gives great directions, example problems, and has great comments in the comment section.

The People Vote  Thumbs Up 484   Thumbs Down  31

Criss Cross Factoring

This video presents a slightly different method for solving quadratics. It is called the criss cross method. The instructor works several example problems using this method, and gives clear directions.

The People Vote Thumbs Up 904  Thumbs Down 28

teach me how to factor song.

I couldn't have a top 8 list without a factoring song. This factoring video is fun, well done, and helpful.
Have fun with this video.

The People Vote  Thumbs Up 6132  Thumbs Down 130

Factoring Trinomials with the X-Box Method

If you need an alternative method for factoring trinomials you will enjoy this video. The box method helps to organize a trinomial in order to factor it easily. The instruction is great, but the sound quality of this video is weak. 

The People Vote Thumbs Up 140  Thumbs Down 30

Factoring Trinomials - Basic MAX - Full Explanation

This video gives a lengthy explanation of how to use the Enholm Max method to factoring trinomials. The instructor is a little monotone, but great at giving detailed directions, and tips for factoring trinomials.

The People Vote Thumbs Up 81  Thumbs Down 9 

Factoring Quadratic Trinomials: Part 1

This video teaches a more traditional method for factoring but is very helpful. The instructor has a great voice and is very upbeat. Check out the ratio of thumbs up to the thumbs down.

The People Vote  Thumbs Up  499   Thumbs Down 9

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