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Sunday, March 27, 2016
Dividing fractions seem scary, but with a little practice they can be fun to solve.. These 7 YouTube videos will help you master dividing fractions. There is a large number of videos covering this topic, and I watched many videos on dividing fractions. The way I ranked these 7 videos was to watch the video, and rate them using a ratio of thumbs up to thumbs down votes. The videos with the highest favorable ratio made the list.

The Dividing Fractions Song (Parody of Taylor Swift - Bad Blood)

  • Fun entertaining song covering "How to divide fractions."
  • Catchy song that can help you remember the rules for dividing fractions
  • You could show this video in class, and not be embarrassed.

Rating 92 % Thumbs Up Rating

Flocabulary - Dividing Fractions - Keep, Change, Flip

  • Great song, I mean this is a great song.
  • Helpful,fun Math lyrics.

96 % Thumbs Up Rating

Dividing Fractions

  • Clear,step by step directions.
  • Two example problems are solved.

 90 %  Thumbs Up Rating

Fractions Division - fast math lesson

  • Clear directions
  • The instructor works many example problems including mixed fractions.
  • This video has very high Thumbs up ratio which means people find it helpful.

95 % Thumbs Up Rating

Dividin' Fractions

  • Fun song covering dividing fractions

96% Thumbs Up Rating

How to Multiply and Divide Fractions in Algebra For Dummies

  • Very clear step by step directions for dividing fractions.

90 % Thumbs Up Rating

Math Antics-Dividing Fractions

  • Great Graphics
  • Funny sounds
  • Very clear instructions that help make a confusing topic very clear.

93 % Thumbs Up Rating

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