Success Stories-The Power of Goals

Thursday, March 3, 2016
Enjoy this short animated video on the power of goals.

Success stories the power of goals
The movie “ American Sniper” introduced people to the world of an elite sniper. Before any sniper can hit their target they must identify the target, set their sights on the target, and then pull the trigger.
You would not be a very successful taxi driver if you didn’t know the destination of your trip.
For centuries people have used maps to help them find a new destination.
In similar fashion, goals help us locate and focus on our target, which in turn increases the odds of accomplishing this task.
As Jim Cathcart, a noted professional speaker,
says, "Most people aim at nothing in life and hit it with amazing
In the book “Running with the Buffaloes” Chris Lear chronicles the University of Colorado cross country team. The star of the team was Adam Goucher. He was their top runner and won the national title his senior year. The book tells how when he was in high school he wrote down five running goals on a poster board and looked at the goals each day.
His five goals included
Win the state for the third time.
Win Footlocker Midwest Regional
Win Footlocker National Championship
Be the first Colorado runner to break 15 for 5K
Long term Win a collegiate national championship, make an Olympic team

The interesting part of this story is that he accomplished all of his goals. There were equally talented runners competing against him, but he prevailed against them. The slight edge he needed to beat these runners was his focus on his goals. This is an example of the power of goals.
Dan DeRose and Cady McGuire of Charleston, S.C. set a goal of paying off their house in four years, not the usual 30 years. They accomplished the goal by living on one salary, and using the second salary to pay off the loan. Without their original goal more than likely it would take 30 years.
Personally after my children were born we set a goal of one of us staying home to take care of our children. We set a date when we would only have one salary, and got to work preparing to live on one salary. We actually found after one year we were better money managers and saved more money on one salary compared to two. Now that my children are grown we both look back and say that was one of our best decisions we made as a couple, and would not have happened if we had not set the goal.
In summary, goals gives us focus and a target to aim for.
Goals have been used for many years to help all of us achieve more in life.
Goals help make life exciting.

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