Interpreting a Box and Whisker Plot

Friday, March 18, 2016
In this video you will learn how to interpret a box and whisker plot.

A box and whisker plot gives you a visual picture of a data set.
The video explains how to answer the following questions from the Box and Whisker Plot

"1.What was the high number of  A’s earned by students?
2.What percent of the class earned more than 12 A’s?
3.What percent of the students earned more than 23 A’s?
4.What was the median number of A’s earned ?
5.What is the interquartile range?
6.What percent of the students have earned 18 or more A's so far  this year?
7.What percent of the students have earned less than 12 A's this year?
8.How much did the number of A's vary? Max – Min  24-10 = 14
9.Write several conclusions you can draw from looking at the box plot?"

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