How to Read a Box and Whisker Plot

Friday, March 11, 2016
In this video you will learn to read a box and whisker plot.

In this video you will learn...

A Box and Whisker Plot takes data and divides it into four parts, and a five number summary.

The five number summary is,

  • The smallest value or the minimum,
  • The largest value or the maximum, and that is just listing your data from smallest to largest.
  • The median which is the number that falls in the very center of the data or middle number.
  • The lower quartile which is the middle number of the lower half, and the middle number of the top half.

The video goes through each quartile of the Box and Whisker plot and explains it's meaning.
Finally, the video looks at example an example plot and interprets the Box and Whisker Plot.

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