Inequalities-Word Problems-Inequality Vocabulary-5th-6th Math

Monday, February 1, 2016

In this video, you will learn how to solve basic inequality word problems.

The key to solving inequality word problems is to learn the phrases that describe the inequality.

Inequality Vocabulary

> (greater than)

-more than
-larger than
-longer than
-higher than
-greater than

≥ (greater than or equal to)

-at least
-not less than
-no less than

< (less than)

-fewer than
-less than
-smaller than
-shorter than
-is less than

≤  (less than or equal to)

-no more than
-at most
-not greater than
-is not more than


1) Identify the numbers you are going to use from the problem.

2) Identify the operation needed to solve the problem.

3) Solve the problem (this will be your SOLUTION)

4) Start by writing your variable

5) Write the opposite operation of what you did to find the
solution.        (see step two)

6) Fill in the numbers from the original problem and the inequality symbol.

The solution should NOT be part of your inequality.
Substitute the variable you use in step 4 for the solution

Additional Inequality Word Problem Video

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