What can we learn from the most socially shared fraction resources?

Monday, January 18, 2016
Help I don’t understand fractions. Learning or teaching fractions can be a challenge for many teachers and students. Never fear, there is an amazing amount of resources to help with fractions. Here is a list of the most popular fraction resources found on-line. In other words, these fraction resources have been shared on social media more than any other fraction resources.
Let’s see what we can learn about fractions from these popular resources.

Butterfly Fractions

This post explains how to multiply fractions using the Butterfly method. It takes a fraction shortcut, and helps you remember what to do by drawing a butterfly. I always tell my students they need a hook in order to help them remember something, and this is a perfect example of a hook. This lesson has over 100,000 shares on Pinterest.

Pizza Fraction Project

This resource is created by a 4th grade teacher, and is a project she created to help her students understand fractions. The post includes lots of pictures, and directions on how to complete this fraction pizza.


This resource combines teaching equivalent fractions with the game of”spoons.”
The author describes the game like his, “I figured that if I could combine the fun and exciting parts of "Spoons" with some equivalent fractions practice.”
The post gives clear directions, and includes several pictures. This looks like a win win , a fun game, while learning equivalent fractions.

Fractions part 2 with a freebie

This is a fraction unit developed by a second grade teacher. It includes activities for fractions on a number line, fraction models for teaching equivalent fractions, using white boards, and even a differentiation component to the lesson.

Fraction Calculator

This next resource is a fraction calculator designed to add, subtract, multiple, and divide fractions.

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What can we learn from these massively shared fraction resources?

What can we learn from these massively shared resources?

Fractions are everywhere

This resource is designed to help students start to see fractions can be found everywhere around them. As the author says, “ fractions CAN and should be fun, after all, fractions are everywhere! Here’s how to make fractions come to life in and around your home.” The activity suggests using sports, pizzas, doors, windows, and all kinds of everyday objects to help students see fractions around them.

How to Teach Fractions to Visual Learners + Free Printable

This resource has several ideas for teaching fractions using manipulative s. As the author states, “We used math blocks for our counters, but you use anything really, coins, M&Ms or raisins. Food has the benefit of serving as a reward should they get the answer correct." The goal of the activity is to help fractions becomes visible to the student.

In conclusion, we can find some great fraction activities for younger students from the most shared fraction resources on the web. Fractions can become fun using these creative resources.

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