Simplifying Rational Expressions

Thursday, January 14, 2016
In this video you will learn how to simplify rational expressions

Rational expressions are just like fractions, but with polynomials.

Polynomials contain several terms which can be constants, variables, and exponents.
For example, 3x + 4, 4x^2 +2x , are both example of polynomials.

Therefore, if you create a fraction containing polynomials you have created a rational expression.

Solving a rational expression like 2x + 9/x^4 -x^2 looks difficult, but are not really that tricky.
rational expression
Rational Expression

The video shows you three steps to follow when simplifying a rational expression.

  • Create factor trees for the numerator and the denominator
  • Cancel like terms
  • Take the remaining factors, and multiply them together for your final answer.
When presented with a rational expression ( a fraction with polynomials) just remember,

Factor,Cancel, Multiply Together, again, Factor,Cancel, Multiply Together.


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