Simplifying Fractions using "Keep,Change,Flip"

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

In the words of Flocabulary, " Keep, change, Flip, yea that's the action, everybody's gonna know how were dividing fractions"

In this video you will learn how to simplify complex fractions.

A complex fraction sounds difficult, but it is simply a fraction on top of a  fraction.
I call them a double decker fraction.

"Keep, Change, Flip" is a technique used when dividing fractions.
You keep the first fraction, change the division sign to multiplication, and flip the second fraction.

The video solves three problems.

Problem 1. 5+7/11 /5/12
In this problem you can use " Keep, Change,Flip" in order to solve.
Keep the first fraction,change the division sign to multiplication, and create a reciprocal by flipping the last fraction.

Problem 2. 3/4 + 2/3 /1/2
In this problem I show how to simplify the top fraction, rewrite the fraction, and again apply the "Keep,Change, Flip" technique.

Problem 3. Involves a complex fraction with a variable. Again, "Keep,Change,Flip" can be used to solve this complex fraction.

Enjoy this video by Flocabulary for a review of " Keep,Change,Flip"

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