8 Excellent Teacher Blogs to help with STEM Education

Tuesday, January 12, 2016
The idea behind STEM Education is that students are taught a curriculum in four specific areas, Science,Technology,Engineering,and Math. Schools,students, and teachers are discovering that combining these four subjects together can create a wonderful learning experience.

Here are ten teacher blogs that can help teachers, and students in their STEM classes. The list includes Math blogs,Science blogs, technology blogs, and a cool cat teacher blog. Please leave a comment if I left someone out, or you have a blog you would like to share.

Science Fix

middle school Science resources
Science Fix
Science Fix is a blog dedicated to middle school science. It has lots of Science resources, original lesson plans, and tips to help you teach Science more effectively. The author of the blog has taught science for 17 years, has a masters in educational technology, and is a " science and technology nerd who thoroughly enjoys teaching. I love to do demonstrations of science concepts and I also try to incorporate the latest discoveries in science into the classroom."

cool cat teacher blog

I really enjoy this blog. It has posts on technology, motivation, educational issues, and always makes me feel glad that I'm an educator. Her blog has the following categories, teaching,technology,
education,inspiration,social media, and productivity. Each of these categories are an important part of a STEM education.

Square Root of Negative One Teach Math

math blog

This blog is a collection of reflections about teaching Math. The insight from this high school teacher is an accurate reflection of the joys, and frustrations of teaching Math in high school. I have picked up some tips to help me in class, and just enjoy the authors insights about teaching Math.

Pangburns's Post

middle school science blog

This blog is a middle school Science teacher's classroom blog. Each day she posts what she did in class and also has a huge collection of Life Science resources. If you are taking a Life Science class  you will love the resources. If you teach Life Science in middle school you will get lots of ideas for your class. I would check her blog each day to see what she is doing in class.


This is a Math blog created by Mr. Shelby Aaberg. Mr. Aaberg was the Nebraska 2015 teacher of the year. The blog has a very large collection of Math lessons, and reflections on presenting Math topics. The posts are well writen, well researched, and helpful.

we are teachers blog
We are Teachers is not a single blog, but a collections of lots of blogs of other teachers. The blogs are broken down by categories and cover Math, Science, STEM, and lots of other topics. This group of blogs is an amazing collection of resources to help in Science, Math, Technology, and Engineering. Check this one out.

edutech for teachers blog

This blog is dedicated to helping teachers, and students apply technology in school. Here is how the teacher describes her blog " This blog, created and maintained by Jamie Forshey, geeky girl and instructional technology specialist at the Bellwood-Antis School District in Central PA, is dedicated to innovative teaching and learning through the use of technology and digital media."  Check out this blog for technology help.

Shake up learning blog

The author of this blog is the queen of Google products. She really understand how to use Google in the classroom in order to "shake up learning." In addition, you will love her enthusiasm, and quickly realize she knows her technology stuff. If you need Google tips, technology tips and tricks, then check this blog out.

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