The 8 Most Popular Number Videos on YouTube

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

When I was raising my children I was faced with many challenges each day. Teaching my children how to count, and understand numbers was one of these challenges. In order to make the task of learning numbers more interesting, I would tune to public television, or break out my VCR tapes. Today with YouTube, we are blessed with hundreds of video clips with the goal of teaching children numbers and how to count.

Here is my list of the top 8 most popular videos on numbers found on YouTube.

8. Ice Cream Cones Teach Numbers 1 to 10 - Counting for Children

This cute video uses ice cream cones in order to help children count up to 10, and then how to count down from 10. What a great idea, ice cream, and numbers.

7. Numbers Song for Children - 1 to 20 Number Train | By LittleBabyBum | HD Version 3D Animation

This video is a number song that uses music, and a song in order to teach children how to count to 20. The video also shows the children how to write each number.

6. Learn To Count with PLAY-DOH Numbers! 1 to 20! Counting New Special Edition Mini Cans Opening

Everyone loves to play with play dough. Why not use this fact to help children learn how to count? This video uses play dough in order to teach children to count to 20. What a great idea.

5.   10 Little Numbers

This video uses a simple song in order to help children count to 10. Simple yet effective.

4. "Numbers Counting to 10 Collection Vol. 1" - Kids Learn to Count, Baby Toddler Songs, Nursery Rhymes

This video is another song to help children count to 10. This video has over 80 million views. It shows that it helps to keep things simple, especially when your audience is young children.

3. The Big Numbers Song

This video includes a song that sounds like Jack Johnson teaching children to count to 100. I love the song, and I'm sure children will also.

2. Learn to count to 10 with Choo-Choo Train. Cartoons for children kids toddlers

This animated video uses toys, bears, drums, tops, and other objects to help teach children to count. Young children will love this video.

1. Numbers, Counting and Colors for Children

The most popular number of videos on YouTube uses m&m's and a young child in order to teach children to count. The video has over 190 million views and growing. Again, how can you go wrong with candy and counting?

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