How to make straight A's-Top Ten YouTube "Study Tips" Videos

Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Use these YouTube videos in order to learn the study tips and shortcuts used by top students. YouTube has study tips for college, study tips for high school, and countless videos giving directions for making straight A's.

I have narrowed the hundreds of "How to Study" videos down to this list of the top 10.

I hope they will help you improve your grades, and make your life less stressful, and more meaningful.

Study Tips + Organization for School - Getting Motivated for School
This  video covering study tips and organization has over 1 million views, and over 73,000 thumbs up. The video includes a great tip to help you personalize your agenda so that you will actually check it daily. This video is worth a watch just for this tip.

The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips
This video by ASAPScience uses scientifically researched study tips in order to help you study more efficiency. All of the tips are helpful, and can be implemented immediately. Check out the video to see how you can use research in order to study more efficiently.

The 8 tips in this video could change your study life. If you want to try some new techniques, or want to improve your grades then watch this video several times. The video is worth a watch just for the recommended apps.

This video includes four simple strategies to help your study sessions. For example, he recommends setting a timer for each time you sit down and study. Easy,simple, and it will help. Check out the other three tips.

This video gives a great tip to help you in the classes in which you have to read novels. In addition there are four more study hacks.

This video provides three tips to help you prepare for your next test. This video has over 1 million views, and over 12,000 thumbs ups. The video promises to " help you reduce your test anxiety and show you the best way to cram." It also has a downloadble worksheet to go along with the video.

This is a very helpful and entertaining video. It serves up 8 study tips to help you in school. I promise you will find one tip here that you can start using tomorrow to improve your study habits and grades.

The video demonstrates how to use your visual memory. As the video states, "when you know the astonishing ability of your visual memory, you can use it to memorize anything," I found the video very entertaining, and I started using the method suggested in the video in my own life. 

This video gives you a step by step guide to help you remember what you read. There is a direct correlation because improved reading skills and improved grades. This video will help you remember what you read.

Study guides can be really helpful for preparing for a test. Watch this video for some tips and tricks on how to make an effective study guide for your next test. I personally found that if I prepared a good study guide I was almost guaranteed a good grade on the test.

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