Converting Gallons to Liters and Liters to Gallons

Monday, December 14, 2015

In this video you will learn how to convert gallons to liters, and liters to gallons.
I like to solve these problems by setting up fractions, and then multiplying the fractions.
Using the method taught in this video much of the guess work is taken out on converting units of measure.
Step 1. Set up a fraction using the units of measure you are given.
Step 2. Place the unit of measure you want to convert to on the top of another fraction, and your original unit on the bottom of the fraction.
Step 3. Ask " which unit is larger", and place a 1 by this unit.
Step 4. Ask," if I have 1 gallon how many liters do I have?"
1 gallons equals 3.78541 liters.
Finally, just multiply across, and simplify the fraction.

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