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Thursday, November 19, 2015
If you are able to run 5 kilometers in an hour, what is this pace in miles an hour? This would be an example of a unit conversion. A problem like this could also be called a dimensional analysis problem. A unit conversion problem can be solved by setting up a ratio or proportion, cancellingunits and then multiplying two fractions.

These three videos will help you how to set these proportions up, and solve.

Video one is a starter video. The sample problems only involve making one conversion.
For example, 345 ft/min = _______ ft/hr

Video Two solves unit conversion problems in which two conversions are needed in order to reach your goal. These problems can be confusing,however,after watching several example problems you will realize it is really not that difficult.

Finally, this third video uses boxes, and different colors while setting up a unit conversion problem. This method helps you organize, and solve a unit conversion problem. If you get confused on how to set up a unit conversion problem, this video will help.

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