Top 10 YouTube Unit Conversion Videos

Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Imagine you just went to the track, and ran 1600 hundred meters in your fastest time ever. You now would like to know what this time converts to if you ran a mile. This would involve converting from meters to miles. You encounter these type conversions in chemistry, math, cooking, track, and many other places in life.
After looking at countless conversion videos on YouTube I have composed a list of the top 10 conversion videos found on YouTube.

This video bills itself as " "The most entertaining unit conversion video ever made!"  It does have nice music, but the strength of the video is that it provides a system for solving unit conversions.

This video takes a different approach to unit conversions, and tries to help the viewer understand how, and why we convert. The instructor gives very clear instructions, and I found it really helpful.

This video has very clear directions, and focuses on converting length. The video works sample problems converting from inches to centimeters, and other conversions involving length.

This video on unit conversion is very well done. It starts off with an overview of the different types of units, and why we convert. It then gives directions on how to convert.  It also gives an overview of significant figures, and why it is important to conversions. If you like any Crash Course videos you will enjoy this one.

This video is produced by East Tennessee State University. I felt it did a great job giving very clear directions on how to convert. The video converts both distance, and time. If you listen carefully you can hear a Tennessee accent, and I also liked it because my father graduated from there over fifty five years ago.

I included this video on conversion because the conversions in this video involve three or four steps. For instance, one example is converting from years to seconds. This video is helpful if your conversions are a little more involved.

This video is by Khan Academy, and is like all other Khan videos,it is clear, and very helpful.

This is a measurement rap. It is fun, and focuses on the different measurements, and therir values. I promise, it is fun.

This a basic video, but solves word problems using unit conversions. Just when you thought you understood unit conversions they throw a word problem at you. This video will help.

This video is geared more for middle school students who are trying to learn dimensional analysis. It solves two problems that only involve a one step conversion.

Check back often. I create a top 10 YouTube list every other day, and upload a new Math video everyday.


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