The 10 Most Popular Fraction Videos on YouTube

Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Here are the 10 most popular fraction videos found on YouTube. The videos vary from a fraction song, to dividing fractions. Are these the best fraction videos found on YouTube? That is a tough question. You would assume that the most viewed videos would be the most helpful, but this is YouTube, so there is no guarantee. I also found it interesting that I found some of the most popular videos on pages four and five of the search results.

Let's count them down.

10. Over 400,000 views Math Antics Multiplying Fractions. I highly recommend all of Math Antics Math videos. They give clear directions, work several example problems, and even sound effects. (I know, this can be a good or bad thing)

9. Over 540,000 views This is a video on multiplying and dividing fractions is produced by "". The video is really well done, and gives really clear directions. This would be a helpful video if you flip your classroom, need extra review, or want to show you class a video on how to multiply and divide fractions.

8. Over 615,000 views Mr. R's fraction song. This is a fraction song geared for elementary students. In includes cute animals, and rubber ducks. How can you go wrong with cute animals teaching about fractions?

7. Over 650,000 Views Subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. This video is very basic, low quality filming, but has great reviews, and many  "thumbs ups." This video proves that you never know what will be popular on YouTube.

6. Over 660,000 Views This video by Khan Academy shows the viewer how to divide fractions. I have yet to watch a Khan Academy video, and not gain a better understanding of the subject the video is about. Thanks Khan Academy for all of your helpful videos.

5. Over 795,000 Views Adding mixed numbers. This video goes along with the other video by Mathmeeting covering subtracting mixed numbers.

4. Over 900,000  views This is an example of a video that has almost 1 million views, and you have no idea why. The video has two guys playing a fraction game, and commenting on the game. Again, no idea why so many views, but maybe you can figure out why.

3. Over 1.1 million views How to subtract mixed numbers by Mathmeeting. Mixed numbers  seem like that they would be difficult to subtract, but this video saves the day, and gives clear directions for subtracting mixed numbers.

2. Over 1.3 Million Views  Shortcut for adding fractions. This video shows a neat shortcut to help with adding fractions. We all love a good, helpful shortcut.

Number 1 with over 1.365 million views. This shouldn't be a surprise. It is adding and subtracting fractions by Khan Academy. For many people adding and subtracting fractions can be a challenge, so once again Khan Academy comes to the rescue. 


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