Probability Dependent Events

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Help with finding the probability of Dependent Events

This video corresponds with Common Core Standard HSS CPA 2
Some properties of Dependent Events

  • Event A occurring affects the probability of event B occurring
  • You will usually see these words " without replacing"
  • Use P(A and B) = P (A intersection B) = P(A) * P (B/A)

0:41 Example Problem/Dependent Event  A jar has the same number of marbles, 3 red, 5 blue, 6 yellow. The marbles are chosen at random from the jar. The second marble is chosen without replacement. What is the probability you get a green and a yellow marble?

1:59 An aquarium contains 6 male goldfish. You randomly select a fish from the tank and do not replace it, and then randomly select a second fish. What is the probability that both fish will be male?

2:58 A random sample of parts coming off a machine. He found 5 out of 100 parts are bad. If he chooses a new sample,what is the probability of choosing a bad part if he doesn't replace the first one?

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Probability of Dependent Events

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