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Monday, July 13, 2015
Here is my weekly roundup of helpful study tips and resources. This weeks list includes a grade calculator,a website dedicated to improving your memory, tips on note taking, 100 ideas for what to do during your study break, a method to memorize new material, and a video to help you beat procrastination.

RogerHub Final Calculator   This first resource is a simple grade calculator. You simply put in the grade you want,your current grade, and the percentage the test is worth. Next, hit calculate, and you quickly know what score you need to make, in order to keep the grade you want.

Memory Lessons  Every school year I'm faced with the challenge of learning 120 new names. In addition, I need to recall the names of former students. I have learned to play a name game that helps me remember these names. This resource reviews several memory techniques that you can start using to help memorize new material. The site has ten lessons to help you improve your memory.

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How to take notes from a textbook  This link is a very detailed description of how one student takes notes. A quick warning, the font is very small, but the system of note taking this person uses is great. The system encourages you to take notes on a post it note as you read, and then transfer this information to a journal. If your classes are heavy in notes from textbooks, I would check this note taking system out.

100 things to do in your study break Study breaks are an essential part of the studying process. Here is a fun, helpful list of 100 things to do during these quick study breaks. There is enough variety with this list of 100 ideas that anyone should find one or two new things to do, in order to help their study breaks become more fun and productive.

Learning to memorize using chaining Imagine you had to memorize the planets in order. One way you could attempt to memorize this list is by using a memory technique called chaining. Chaining is a memory technique in which you create a story from the items you are trying to memorize. In addition,this technique greatly improves your recall of this material later. This link gives you several examples, and instructions on how to use chaining to memorize new material.

How to stop procratinating One of my bad habits is waiting to the last minute in order to complete a task. In other words I procrastinate. Here is a quick video that teaches a three step process for beating procrastination.

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