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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Each week I research and search the web for helpful study tips and resources to help middle school high school, college, and even adult students improve their study habits. This week's list includes a study technique used by top students, a simple timer, a simple method for tracking goals, a quiz maker, and tools to help you focus.

The Pomodoro technique basically teaches you to break your tasks into small timed segments in order to help you focus, and get more done. This technique reminds me of a very bad joke, “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer “One bite at a time.” You can accomplish huge tasks by simply breaking these large tasks into small bites. The Pomodoro technique teaches you to break your homework, projects, and other school tasks into more manageable small tasks. Many students have had great success using this technique.

Tomato Timer This timer can be used with the Pomodoro technique or to help you break your tasks into smaller chunks. The timer allows you to breaks each task into twenty-five-minute intervals.  Set the tomato timer, work till it goes off, take a break, and repeat. Simple yet effective

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 Bullet Journal   The bullet journal is a simple no-frills method for completing tasks, setting goals, and keeping a journal. I have taught for over twenty-five years, and as a result, I have had the pleasure of having twenty-five summers in which I don’t have to go to work. It took me a while to figure this out, but if I don’t write down activities, trips, and projects I want to get done in the summer, the summer will slip away, and I don’t get anything done. The bullet journal teaches you how to write down items that you want to accomplish so that the school year does not slip away without accomplishing your goals. I personally use a bullet journal and love it.

Quizlet This is an amazing free resource. “Quizlet’s free study tools and apps are used by over a million students and teachers a day in every country – from grade school to grad school, language learners to vocational students, at home and in the classroom” You can use Quizlet to make flashcards, take quizzes and learn from other students and teachers. The beauty of Quizlet is that for almost any topic you are studying there are other people who have created resources that you can use?

Tools to help you focus If you need to improve your ability to focus then this resource will help. This list of resources focuses on tools that will help you focus. It includes links to apps for blocking distractions, taking breaks, tracking apps, tasks and organization, background sounds, and even foods to help you concentrate.

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