YouTube's Top 10 Fraction Songs

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
Songs or even short jingles are a great way to memorize material. However,if you have gone to YouTube and watched some of the Math videos you are aware that some of them are just not very good. After watching every fraction song video on YouTube I created this list in order to highlight the videos that where well done. 
If you disagree or have an excellent fraction song video suggestion,please leave a comment below. These fraction songs can be a great way to memorize facts about fractions,start a class,end a class, or just add a little joy to fractions.
The songs are in reverse order, so here is the countdown.

10. Fractions Song Mr. R  This is a really fun song that will get an elementary class dancing,and learning fractions. It's main theme is learning numerators and denominators, but includes much more information about fractions.

9. Fraction Shuffle   This fraction song is a cover of the cupid shuffle with lyrics about fractions. 

8. Math Rocks The fraction Song  Fun upbeat fraction song geared for 5th and 6th graders. It covers multiplying fractions.

7. Complex Fraction Song  A quick video on complex fractions. When the song is finished they work several example problems on simplifying complex fractions. I can respect anyone willing to make a song covering complex fractions.

6. Flocabulary Keep Change Flip-Dividing Fractions   

Creative video,good content,fun music.  Flocabulary is an online library of educational hip-hop songs and videos for grades K-12. All of their videos are very well done.

5. Ratio and Fraction Song  This video covers the relationships between fractions and ratios. 

4.Frozen Fractions 'Here I Go!' - Sing-A-Long and Learn Fraction Rules! (Frozen Parody)  This is a really cute video produced by an elementary class on the rules of fractions. This Frozen Fractions video has over 80.000 views. 

3.Mr. Duey -Fractions  The chorus of this fraction songs declares, "teach you how to get rid of an improper fraction,teach you how to get a percentage from a fraction." Mr. Duey brings a lot of energy, good music,and instructional lyrics to fractions. This is one of the top  viewed fraction videos on YouTube with over 600,000 views.

2.The Improper Fraction Song  This video has one goal. It gives you a catchy little tune to help you remember the properties of an improper fraction.

1.Simplifying Fractions songs by Heath     
The song states," reach high for the numerator, and low for the denominator,break it down break it down." This video combines catchy lyrics, great animations, directions for simplifying fractions, and good music. I personally love this video on fractions,and feel it deserves more than 80,000 views.

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