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The top 10 Most Popular Math Videos on YouTube

If you are trying to figure out how to solve a Math problem,find a song on fractions, or learn to count,YouTube is an amazing resource. The other night my son was showing me a mountain bike video with over 8 million views and I became curious if a Math instructional video could top this number. As a result I wanted to answer the question "What is the most viewed math instructional video on YouTube?" I define an instructional Math video as a video that is teaching a concept, or a song that teaches you a Math process. The YouTube channel Numberphile has an amazing following and several videos with over 5 million views, but I have always felt it is more about numbers, and not teaching a concept. You may disagree but I left them off.  I had always assumed the Khan Academy would have a video with more views than any other Math instructional video, but I found out that they didn't win the prize.

What does this list tell us about YouTube viewers. We love Math shortcuts, and songs that teach us the very basics about Math.

I'm may have missed a video in my search so please leave a comment if I missed one.

10. Key Skills-Numeracy (6,7,8,and 9)   
Views 1,522,304
This video teaches you how to use your fingers on both hands to help when multiplying the numbers 6,7,8, and 9. I found I had to practice this trick many times before I could complete it easily and correctly, but it is a helpful method of multiplication.

Number 9.  2 times song by Phil Snyder

Views 1,637,560
This video is geared for children trying to learn their times tables. It teaches the 2 times table using row,row,row your boat. It has cartoon characters, music, and a catchy song.

Number 8. Simple Equations Khan Academy 
Views 1,736,633
This video gives directions on how to solve simple equations like 7x =14 The video does a great job reviewing the parts of an equation and gives a systematic method of solving a simple equation.

Number 7. Secret Trick: Math Division Long
Views 2,353,148
This is a pretty cool trick for long division. You basically bring the first number down and then add each number to this number. The trick is easy when you watch the video. I have never seen this trick before and I ‘m going to impress my family with my new Math skill.

Number 6. Fast Math Tricks How to multiply 2 digit numbers to 100-the fast way
Views 2,402,191
Quickly solve 21 x 31 This video goes over how to quickly multiply numbers like this. The trick the video teaches is rather clever. The answer will be a three didget number. For the first didget multiply the first two numbers. You calculate the middle digit by multiplying the outside numbers and inside numbers and adding this number. Finally, you calculate the last digit by multiplying the outside number. This trick can really speed up multiplying two numbers.

Number 5. Basic Addition/Khan Academy

Views 2,477,243
This video explains the basics idea behind addition,gives lots of examples, and explains the relationship between adding and a number line. Nice basic video for addition.

Number 4. Fast Math Trick
Views 2,866,222

This trick teaches you how to square every number. It is put out by glad2teach, and after trying the trick just a couple of times I found I could mentally square numbers like 104. Watch the video for the trick.

Number 3. Be a Human Calculator

Views 2,959,523
The video gives you a short cut for multiplying two digit numbers. The trick is to calculate how many less 100 each numbers  are and then cross multiply this number. If you want to learn how to multiply two digit numbers really quickly watch this video.  I practiced this method five or six times and by the fifth time I could use the trick pretty easily.

Number 2. Numbers Song

Views 4,885,077
Here is the video description “a number song counting up love in korean:D”  I’m still trying to figure out why this video has so many views.

Number 1.We can count to 100
Views  5,216,985
This song starts at 1 and sings its way to 100. If you need to learn how to count to 100 this video will help.  The Math video with the most views on YouTube teaches you how to count. I remember how exciting it was when my children could count to 100 so I’m sure lots of moms and dads watch this cute video with their children.

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