10 Resources to help with Arcs of Circle

Monday, March 2, 2015
A circle seems simple enough, a round plane figure with points on the border an equal distance from the center. If you are teaching arcs of circles, or trying to learn the angles of a circle you understand it can be a difficult task. In this post I will focus on helpful resources for arcs of circles. Here are 10 resources that should help.

Circles and Arcs/Regents  This page defines an arc ,gives examples, and goes over the relationship between an arc and the central angle.

Minor and Major Arcs  Pictures and diagrams of minor and major arcs by Math Info.

Circles,Arcs and Sectors/mathsmutt This page is easy to follow,has clear directions, and the pictures are really helpful. It begins with an overview of a circle, and then introduces arcs and sectors.

Arc Worksheet Nice worksheet with problems covering arcs and the central angle.

Finding Arc Length Video  This video explains two methods for measuring arc length. Method one is by degrees, and method two is by distance.

 Arcs and Angles Scavenger Hunt  If you need to mix it up in class and get your students moving, and learning about arcs you will enjoy this resource. It is from TPT and is $3.00, but it is a great lesson.

Finding arc measure using intersecting chords   This is a video by virtual nerd that explains how to find the measure of an arc using two intersecting chords. The step by step directions given by the video are very clear, and helpful.

Circles Unit/MooMooMath  Lesson three of this 8 lesson unit covering circles goes over arcs. Each lesson has a note taking guide to help with taking notes.

Arc Calculator/Handy Math  This a great calculator for checking your. Here is how the site describes this arc calculator " This calculator calculates for the radius, length, width or chord, height or sagitta, apothem, angle, and area of an arc or circle segment given any two inputs."

Arc Length/ Geogebra  A Geogebra created to help you understand the relationship between arc length,radius, and the angle of any circle. 

 Bonus Resource Arcs of Circles PowerPoint  This is a 12 slide power point cover arcs,congruent arcs,major and minor arcs, and more.

If you have resources you have created or have used successfully that have helped you with arcs of circles please share in the comments below. By passing this information along it will help us all.

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