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10 Resources for International Pi Day

The annual celebration of Pi day is rapidly approaching and will be celebrated March 14th around the world. Here are ten resources to help you celebrate this glorious Math holiday.

moon pie for pi day

 Moon Pie Pi
 I have used this simple activity for years with great success to celebrate Pi Day..

Step 1. Purchase moon pies for your students.

Step 2. Using this paper ruler, have students measure the diameter, and the circumference of the Moon pie.
Paper ruler

Step 3. Calculate pi by dividing the circumference by the diameter.

Step 4. You may want to have students average three other groups measurements to get a more exact measure of Pi
Step 5. Eat the moon pies.

musical pi activity

Musical pi  This site converts the first ten thousand digits of pi into a musical sequence. I'll describe the music as "interesting" , but it is still pretty fun.

Calculating Pi with Pie/Numberphile  This video attempts to actually calculate Pi by using pies. It is produced by numberphile which is a most popular YouTube channel covering numbers. All of their videos are very entertaining, and funny.

Pinterest Pi Board    This pinterest board is dedicated to Pi day activities. The board has many Pins to help your Pi day be a success.

Pi worksheet  This worksheet is all about calculating Pi. Students must measure and record the diameter and circumference of circles.  Next they compute the ratio of the circumference to the diameter, thus “discovering” pi.  

1 million digits of Pi  This site has the first million digits of Pi. In addition this site has a nice section that covers the history of Pi, videos, and even sightings of Pi. Honestly, what could be better than reading 1 million digits of Pi?

1 million digits of Pi

The Pi Episode: Math Bites with Danica McKellar

This is a short video from Ted - Ed  takes an entertaining, and silly view of the  joys and mysteries of  Pi. 

Memorizing Activities  Here are some nine fun activities for your students on Pi day. For example, one activity is a contest to see who can memorize the most digits of Pi.  My daughter attended a running camp last summer, and one of the most amazing acts at the talent show was a child who had memorized 314 digits of Pi. Another example is to take an overhead picture of your class forming the first digits of Pi. 

Pie Pi Plates  This is a nice elementary activity in which the students decorate paper plates and also calculate the circumference and diameter of the plate. Take a look below.

pie plates for pi day

Edutopia 7 Resources for Pi Day  This is a helpful list of resources from
Scholastic,PBS,TeachersFirst, and other great Education websites. I'm sure you will find something helpful from this list.  

 Bonus Resources

The king of the Food Network shares his apple pie recipe.

Pi Jokes   Enjoy and share these Pi jokes from BuzzFeed with friends,your class, and your family.

 Elementary Pi day Activities  This link has activities for Seeing Pi,Wearing Pi, Seaching Pi,Tossing Pi. Really helpful and cute activities for elementary students

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If you have additional resources please share them in the comments below. It helps everyone.


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