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Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Ten Middle School Math blogs to help you find new resources, lesson plan ideas, math games, and worksheets. The beauty of this list is that these blogs have such a low Google rank compared to larger math sites they rarely show up in the first 5 pages of  Google search results, but they contain great content for a middle school math class. You will find videos, new lesson plan ideas, and hopefully some motivation from these Middle School Math blogs.

Bro and Sis Math Club  I love this Middle School Math blog. It is produced by a brother and sister team of middle school students, but these guys know their Math. The blog has lots of videos covering major middle school Math topics. This is how they describe their blog "Well, we're two kids from Charlotte who decided to start a blog on the one thing that we both enjoyed: MATH!" After watching a video you will be impressed with these two 7th graders.

MS math blog

Math to the 7th power  This middle school Math blog has lots of resources, videos, and creative lessons. If you need a creative lesson like a math-related " I have, who has?" or "My Crazy Friend" introducing a lesson on fractions to percents this blog will help. You also should check out the resource list, and their very creative video page.

middle school math blog

Math Nook and More  This site has an amazing amount of games and resources. Middle school students love Math games and this site has plenty. The games are not exclusively middle school, but cover a large variety of Math topics. It also has a resource section, Math videos, and Math worksheets. .

math blog for middle school

Algebra's Friend  At first glance you may think this blog doesn't have many ideas or resources, however when you click on her two filing cabinet tabs you discover a wealth of ideas and resources. Technically the author of this blog teaches high school, but if you teach a high-level 8th grade Math class the topics will apply. The author of the blog describes herself as " an educator!  My experience in schools varies widely. I have had the privilege of serving students in positions as a classroom teacher, a district consultant, and a school principal. Remember, to find the good stuff with this blog go to the filing cabinets.

algebra blog

Hoppe Ninja Math-Teacher blog    When you look at this blog you get the impression that this teacher is a very creative and resourceful Math teacher. Lot's of creative ideas for Math lesson plans. A couple of examples are "Sunken Treasure Review game, exponent review search and shade, Lego Batman-Factoring Polynomials."

ninja math ms math blog

Dividing by Zero   The blog posts at this site are really detailed and helpful. The focus of the blog is 8th grade Math and there are lots of Math foldable ideas and resources. One post I found interesting was "A day in the Life " which chronicles a typical day in the life of a middle school teacher. After reading the post you get helpful insight into the demands of teaching.

ms math blog

Finding Ways  This has lots of resources to help in your middle school math class. The blog has posts on using patterns, teaching similar shapes with Greenies, and more creative lessons.This is how the author describes her blog"
Finding Ways is where I tell stories that are mainly about teaching and learning mathematics in the classroom."

 Questions  This blog has many lessons and thoughts on Math subjects, and he has updated this Middle school blog since 2010. The posts are detailed and cover 18 areas including Algebra, GeoGebra, Math misconceptions, Quadratics, and more. Here is why he named the blog questions " I am currently teaching algebra and geometry to 7th and 8th graders. The name of this blog was inspired by the fact that the longer I teach, the more I realize that education is less about the answers but more about the questions.  Ask good questions; get better answers.  I encourage my students to question."

questions math blog
Five Triangles  This is a blog dedicated to short warm-up type questions. Currently there are 224 questions covering most middle school Math topics, If you begin class with a warm-up or like to challenge your students with puzzle type questions you will enjoy this blog. Many of the questions include geometric shapes and pictures.

5 triangles

Perfect Squares  From the name, colors of the blog, the lessons, and comments, you get the idea that this teacher loves Math and teaching. Lots of lessons and ideas. Here is an example of one short lesson

 " A couple of years ago when I was teaching the Pythagorean Theorem to my Advanced 7th-grade class, I gave the students a “formula” for creating Pythagorean Triplets (a,b, c values that form right triangles). They went mad with it. I had students creating lists of triplets into the hundreds, just for fun!"

Check this blog out for some Math inspiration.

pperfect squares math middle school blog

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