10 Fun YouTube videos covering the Pythagorean Theorem

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Top 10 Pythagorean Theorem Videos

Students and teachers have learned and applied the Pythagorean Theorem for many years. It is a piece of ancient wisdom that is still applicable to today's Geometry class. Now with YouTube, a large number of videos are available to learn, memorize, and see the Pythagorean Theorem in action.
This list of videos are fun, creative, and will spice up the ancient Pythagorean Theorem. They can be used to learn the Pythagorean Theorem, as a great way to start your class, for memorizing the Pythagorean Theorem, add in a nice break in the middle of class. or just marvel at some people's creativity.

Pythagoras in 60 Seconds   This short animated video helps the viewer visually see the Pythagorean Theorem in action. I think the comments on the video speak for themselves " Brilliant,", "Impressive," "Visual Mathematics, Very nice." I like this video because it takes the Pythagorean Theorem from numbers to a visual expression.

Colin Dodds - Pythagorean Theorem (Math Song)  Songs can be a very powerful method to help you memorize material. This video is a song on the Pythagorean Theorem that is fun, has accurate lyrics, and has pretty good music. The video gets good reviews in the comment section.




Rock on Pythagoras  This video is another excellent music video on the Pythagorean Theorem. The producers of the video were really creative, and do a great job of teaching the Pythagorean Theorem by making a creative, fun, video. This video gets very positive comments. By the end, you will find yourself humming " A squared, plus B squared, equals C squared."


 Pythagorean theorem water demo  If you are a visual learner and need a video to help you conceptualize the Pythagorean Theorem, this video will help. This water demonstrates shows the Pythagorean Theorem in action.



Pythagoras in 2 minutes 2  This video is a really cool animated video demonstrating the Pythagorean Theorem. The music is titled "Popcorn" and just makes this animated video fun to watch. Another creative video that expresses the Pythagorean Theorem visually.


The Best Pythagorean Theorem Rap Ever  The title of the video is a pretty bold statement, but I have to admit that this video is  good. If rap is your music genre of choice, then watch this video, and learn the Pythagorean Theorem.


What was up with Pythagoras?  This is a video by Vi Hart and her videos are really popular on YouTube. She basically draws sketches that are viewed in fast motion as she comments on what she is sketching. She is witty, creative, and she always includes a lot of random trivia on the subject. This video has almost a million views.



Donald and Pythagoras   This is a small section of "Donald in Mathmagic Land" which was an Educational video created by Disney in the late fifty's. In this short clip, Donald discovers how the Pythagorean Theorem applies to music and the musical scale.




PYTHAGORAS THEOREM SONG Fun Learning Math! After listening to this song just a couple of times I can recite "The sum of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the square of the other two sides." and as I type this I can hear the video's song. Music is great for memorizing, and this song, and video will help you learn and memorize the Pythagorean Theorem.



emma pythagorean theorem proof  This video is similar to the water demonstration but uses Starburst candy to demonstrate the Pythagorean Theorem. This is a cute video.

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