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Monday, February 9, 2015
I have been a Math teacher for over twenty years. When I first started teaching it was very difficult to find helpful resources for your class.Fortunately,those days are forever behind us, and now there is  an abundance of great resources found online for every Math subject. If you are like most people you go to Google and search for a topic, look over the first page, maybe the second page, and end your search there. I have found that sometimes Google sticks some great sites on page five or six,therefore  I made a point to look beyond page two on Google while researching this list . Here is my list of 10 sites that can help you learn and teach fractions. I tried to include websites,games, and printable worksheets.

Visual Fractions  This site is on page one of Google. It includes over ten power points on fractions,games, and worksheets. It is a good place to start, and if you need fraction power points start here.

Fractions/Sheppard Software  This is a fraction game website. It has several different games including adding fractions,subtracting fractions,mixed fractions,simplifying fractions, and several more types of fraction games.

Fraction Games/Mr. Nussbaum  This is a great site for elementary games. There are lots of games, and each game has a video that explains the fraction game. I really enjoy this site,and the fraction games that it provides.

Math Worksheets4Kids  This site has a huge number of worksheets you can download and use at home,for practice, or for your class.

Fractions on Pinterest  This a helpful Pinterest board covering fractions. This fraction board has over 400 Pins and over 5000 followers. Teachers love Pinterest so you can be sure there are some great ideas here.

Fractionfrog As the site says"Fraction Frog is leaps and bounds ahead of other fraction calculators!" 
This a simple to use fraction calculator for adding,subtracting,dividing,and multiplying fractions.

Fraction Review and Calculator/MooMooMath  This page includes a basic calculator,a review of fractions, a video on how to add fractions, and a GIF on dividing fractions.

Common Core Sheets  A huge number of fraction worksheets that you can print and use.

Algebraic Fractions/Regents  This site is produced by a school district and I have found all of there material helpful and easy to follow.

Fractions/edhelper  For some reason google had this site on page eight of results, but it is a really helpful page for learning fractions.

Please help out. The power of the internet is that we are all connected and can share,link, and comment on any subject. (Just ask Reddit and it's amazing growth and power on the internet.) If you have a great resource you have created or use dealing with fractions please share and leave a link to it in the comment section below.



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