Top 10 Online Resources for "Special Right Triangles"

Thursday, February 12, 2015
What makes a "special right triangle" so special. These 10 resources will help you learn the short cuts for finding leg lengths, the types of special right triangles, the properties, and other special facts about these triangles.

Special Right triangles/Regents Exam Prep Center  My favorite Math site for great information created by high school teachers. The site is ad free, well organized, and very helpful.

Geometry Special Right Triangles  This is a nice lesson put together by Texas Instruments. The goal of the lesson is to help "Students will identify the relationship between the lengths of the shorter and longer legs in a 30°-60°-90° right triangle and a 45-45-90 triangle."

Special Right Triangle Calculator  This calculator by can calculate the angle or side length of a right triangle. Whenever I need a Math calculation I head over to because they many calculators and if you have a blog you can embed the calculator on your blog.This special right triangle calculator is helpful for checking your home work.

Special Right Triangles/MooMooMath  This page reviews the other types of special right triangles besides the 30-60-90 and 45-45-90. It also includes a video,calculator, and how to use trig functions.

Tests in Trigonometry/Math Portal  This page includes interactive tests over special right triangles. The questions cover right triangles and you must find missing sides and angles. This would be helpful as a pretest,post test, or as a quick review of these triangles.

45-45-90 Triangles/cK-12  I stumbled upon this site while researching "special right triangles" and thought it would be a helpful link. The page has a video on 45-45-90 triangles,a downloadable quiz,real world application problems involving special right triangles, and pre and post readings on this subject. You can also download your own lesson at this site.

 Special Right Triangles/Central Bucks High School  This link has over 15 downloadable worksheets and notes covering special right triangles. They are produced by the Math teachers at the school, and cover everything from SOACOHTOA to the Pythagorean Theorem.

Geometry/Mrs. E teaches Math/Pinterest  I couldn't find a Pinterest board covering just special right triangles,but this is a great geometry board and has many resources on right triangles.

Special Right Triangles/Mrs. Carter  This link is an actual teacher's blog, but it contains a large amount of information on special right triangles. Her blog has notes,videos, and sample problems.

Special Right Triangle Jeopardy Game  Super teacher tools created a Jeopardy game in order to review special right triangle.

Please join the conversation and add helpful links, or links you have used or created covering "Special Right Triangles" in the comments below.


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