Wednesday, January 21, 2015
8 Resources to help with the Distance Formula.

Here is a list of eight resources to help you with the distance formula. I have included several websites,a video,a song, a distance formula game,a calculator, and an interactive website. I hope I can save you some time with this list, and help you master the distance formula.

Regents Test Prep  This is my favorite site for Math help. It was developed by teachers for a school system and is always helpful. This page gives examples and pictures for using the distance formula and diagonal lines. It also has a section covering how the distance formula was derived.

Interactive Mathematics  This is a great site with lots of example problems and an interactive graph that illustrates the distance formula. The page provides detailed answers to questions like the following,"Find the distance between the points (3, −4) and (5, 7)"   

Math Playground Distance Formula Game This page has a nice interactive game that incorporates the
distance formula. There is a short video that gives an explanation of the distance formula.

MooMooMath  Shameless plug for my site but my page includes three tutorial videos,pictures,formulas, 
and a distance formula calculator.

Distance Formula Video  The video is short,to the point, and easy to understand. It also has many positive comments. The video shows how to find the distance between two points on a coordinate system.

Distance Formula Calculator: This calculator will calculate the distance and midpoint of two points and plot the points on a graph. Next,the calculator gives a step by step explanation of the answer.

Distance Formula Song:  The distance formula + The ants go marhing 2 by 2 = A method to memorize the formula


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