10 Helpful Math YouTube Channels for 2015

Wednesday, January 7, 2015
I enjoy looking on YouTube for Math videos. I'm looking for videos to help my students with new Math concepts that I have introduced. I then post them on my blog, and every once in awhile I show them in class. I have learned that there are some really good Math teachers on YouTube. Here is my list of Math YouTube channels that hopefully can help you in your Math class either as a teacher or a student. Please note they are not ranked in order.

MathBFF I would classify these videos as no frills, but very helpful for learning Math. Several example topics would include basic trig,quadratic equations,limits, and inverse functions. Several of her videos have over 100.000 views. The teacher is very calm, and talks slowly, which I find helpful. 

integralCALC This channel is almost exclusively calculus. What I enjoy about this teacher is her enthusiasm, and it just seems that she enjoys teaching. The about page describes her channel as follows: 
"Calculus help through simple, step-by-step explanations. Each video explains a calculus example or concept in Calculus I, II or III."

WSHSMATH: This channel produces Math music videos. They are filmed at the high school and involve students. I think you will find them fun, really well done, and they could be a great way to start or end a class. 

MathAntics  I really enjoy the videos on this channel. The videos always have many visuals, are fun, entertaining, and explain Math concepts in great detail. Most of the topics are late elementary,middle school, and some high school level Math. 

TecMath This Math channel is alll about Math tricks. They describe the channel as methods and tricks to make Math easier. The videos are very well done, and something a little different.

Numberphile  As this channel says" The videos are about numbers" This channel makes videos on numbers. For example, they write Pi on a piece of paper that is a mile long, or calculating Pi with real pies. The videos are fun to watch, and help bring Math to life.

VividMaths  This channel describes itself as the ultimate Math channel with the brightest white board. I don't know if I agree completely,but I have found their videos to be very helpful, I think their best videos are their Geometry videos.

Mr R's Songs for Teaching  If you have elementary children or teach elementary aged children then you will enjoy these videos. The channel doesn't focus exclusively on Math, but has many Math songs for younger children.They are fun,cute, and perfect for young children.

Yay Math  This channel focuses on high school Math. Here is how they describe their channel:

"YayMath.org is the first site ever to have math videos filmed in a LIVE classroom. We are boldly redefining how people perform better in math."
MooMooMath This channel provides videos produced by high school teachers. The videos cover algebra,algebra II, and Geometry. Most videos are around four minutes in length, but the channel does have several complete units covering circles, trig, and Geometry.

Bonus Channel

Whymyu  This channel is dedicated to developed animated Math and Science videos. The videos are great. Here is how they describe their channel
Why U is a charitable 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the development of the highest quality animated tutorials in math and science. These videos may be downloaded for free at www.WhyU.org. Why U is funded by the Steve Goldman Charitable Foundation in partnership with the University of Central Florida.

If you have a Math YouTube channel that you feel is really helpful please leave a comment

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