Resources for Common Core Standard A.SSE.1

Sunday, October 5, 2014
There is an amazing amount of great Math resources for helping teachers,students,or schools with Math. Here is a list of resources to help with Common Core standard A.SSE.1. The standard deals with writing and interpreting expressions.

Interpret the Context of Expressions

A nice collection of worksheets covering expressions.

Structure in Expressions Worksheet

Converting statements into Mathematical expressions.

Structure in expressions video

MAP Lesson covering interpreting algebraic expressions

Interpreting Algebraic Expressions

Interpreting expressions Khan Academy

Writing numerical expressions

Student aligned lesson from the Pennsylvania department of education.

Let's help each other. If you have any helpful resource that you have used with this standard please leave a comment.

Having trouble finding a standard. Use this interactive spreadsheet to find common core standard. Just enter a keyword and each standard that includes this keyword will common core standard will appear.

Interactive Common Core Spreadsheet 


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