Seven difficult to find, but great resources for finding the area of a triangle

Wednesday, September 3, 2014
7 Difficult to find, but great resources for finding the area of a triangle

Let’s face it; Google is the 800 pound gorilla of the internet. How could we ever find information on the internet without Google? They do a great job of sorting information and ranking websites. However, there are helpful Math websites on pages seven, eight, or even on page ten, but who looks past page three when search results appear. I discovered this fact while checking my rank for many of the pages of my own website. I have several pages that show up on page seven or eight and as I look at the other pages ranked with me, I realize that some of these pages are really helpful, and have great information. So let’s take a look at 7 helpful pages that you might not discover because of their page rank.

Manga High Area of a triangle game: This page has a nice game in which you calculate the area of a triangle. You have levels of difficulty to choose from and a wide variety of questions. This would be a great page for review or quizzing yourself.

Math A Tube  This page has a helpful video, great illustrations, and directions for finding the area of a triangle. The page also contains two sample problems that explain how to find the area of a triangle.

On-line calculator This site has an area of a triangle calculator. You simply plug in the dimensions and it calculates the area. A nice feature is that it then converts the area in feet, meters, centimeters, and kilometers.

MooMooMath/Area of Triangle This site has six different methods to calculate the area of a triangle based on the information given. Methods include ½ base time’s height, Heron’s formula, side angle side, and the Box method. Each method includes a video tutorial and an infographic.

Interactive Tutorials  This is a nice site that has interactive tutorials. This would be helpful if you would like to quiz yourself on the concept. There are twelve sample problems that include answers.

Glencoe Area of Triangles This page has a very nice explanation and pictures of calculating the area of a triangle along with several example problems. This page is very well done, looks great, and you can check yourself with the sample problems.

Area of a triangle worksheet  This is a free download from teachers pay teachers. If is really well done and could save you some time getting ready for your class.

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