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Wednesday, June 25, 2014
I created this  #Math Infographic on congruent triangles using a program called Picktochart. The program is really easy to use and the infographics look great. If you or your students can create a Power Point then they can create a great infographic with this program.

Some possible uses of the Infographic

Student presentations

For class assignments. My daughter created several infographics for one of her high school presentations and her teacher and classmates were very impressed. She had never used the program before and said the program was easy to figure out.

Another tool for group presentations. Picktochart has free accounts that can be activated. For one group activity I gave my class the option of creating an infographic instead of a Power Point and the students appreciated another option.

Again,there are lots of uses for creating infographics and everyone wins because people are learning a new skill.

Example infographic on #Congruent Triangles

For more information on Congruent Triangles please see: MooMooMath/Congruent Triangles


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