How to prove triangles are congruent.

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Seven helpful resources for proving triangles are congruent

There are five methods used to prove that triangles are congruent. The five methods are:
Angle side Angle ( ASA)
Side Side Side ( SSS)
Angle Angle Side ( AAS )
Hypotenuse Leg for right triangles ( HL )
Side Angle Side ( SAS)

The following resources should help you understand how to prove that two or more triangles are congruent.

Regents Prep Center  This site is a school district website and provides helpful information. This page lists and defines all of the methods used to prove congruency of triangles

Virtual Nerd  This is a really helpful video that explains what congruent triangles are and how to use angle side angle

MooMooMath Video  This video gives an overview of each of the five methods used to prove triangles are congruent

Proofs for congruent triangles   This page has 10 proofs for proving that triangles are congruent with step by step directions for solving the proofs. This can be really helpful.

Methods for proving triangles are congruent  This page illustrates and defines each of the five methods for proving congruency

Congruence Activity This activity allows you to investigate congruency by trying to create two congruent triangles

Congruency Song This video is a little different but I found it helpful. It is a very low tech song of the five methods but it does help you remember the five methods for proving triangle congruency.

Leave a comment if you have additional resources that you have found to be helpful


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