Three helpful websites for Distance formula calculators

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


3 helpful websites for Distance of Formula Calculators


When working with the coordinate systems in Geometry there are several methods for finding the distance of line segments. One method that does not require graphing the points on a graph is to use the distance formula. Teachers, I have listed two websites that you can use to embed the code into your blog or website so that you or your students can calculate distances quickly. Hope these help, because we all need some help in Math.

distance formula calculator

Easycalculation is my favorite site for finding great Math calculators that I can use on my blog. They always work and they are easy to work with. This distance calculator is basic but gets the job done. In addition you can copy their code and place it on your blog.

formula for distance

Mathwarehouse This site has a helpful formula for distance calculator and a really nice applet that you can embed on your blog. This is nice because your students can go directly to your blog in order to use the calculator. First the site has a basic calculator. This calculator gets the job done but I was unable to get it to work on my blog. However, this site has an applet for the distance formula that is awesome.

mathportal  This site has really nice calculators and the distance formula calculator looks great however, you can’t embed the calculator on your blog.


Take a look at my distance formula page in order to see what the Easy calculation and Math warehouse calculators look like on a blog or wed site.



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